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Jan 16, 2019

Cheers To Business | 18 | Scott Tindle

On this episode, Karen, flying solo again without the super busy Cadie, interviews one of Mobile's most known and infamous entrepreneurs, Scott Tindle. Scott went from having a multi-million dollar business on July 18th, 2018 to waking up the next day and having it snatched away like a flash of lightning in the Missouri sky. Scott shares his starting and dismantling his Gulf Coast Ducks Tours company, his unique ABC network's Sharktank experience, starting a restaurant, and what his newest Senior Bowl Leadership Summit is all about.

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Big Questions:
> What inspires and drives Scott Tindle?
> What was Scott's most significant lesson from his time on the Sharktank TV show?
> What is relentless optimism, and why is it so crucial for Scott's business success?
> What is the best advice and mindset for pivoting a company?
> What is Scott's most significant career accomplishment so far?
> What is the Senior Bowl Leadership Summit and why is it such a considerable opportunity for the Mobile Business Community?
> What is Scott's secret sauce for teambuilding and influence?

Quotables & Tweetables

I don't believe in regrets. I mean there are things I would do differently probably, but I wouldn't undo any of the things that we did. - Scott Tindle

One of the great takeaways from Sharktank is ever since then I've tried to focus on businesses and things that I'm actually passionate about. - Scott Tindle

I think that God, life, whatever gives these different signs in our lives showing us which way to go and sometimes we have to hit bottom. - Karen Simmons

I used to be super emotionally invested in college football, and then I realized I can not control the outcome of the game so let me spend time worrying about things I can control the outcome of. - Scott Tindle

I think for me being able to wind this thing down and protect my employees and our team, and either pivot them into other jobs within our companies or find them other places where they can provide for their families is the proudest thing that I have been able to do. - Scott Tindle

Everything that we do is relational and not transactional. - Scott Tindle

We build our business models on this kind of hybrid of grit, kindness, and what we say is relentless optimism. So, for us, it's not optimism. - Scott Tindle

Optimism is a fleeting feeling, but if you have relentless optimism, you do not give up that optimism. - Scott Tindle

I mean my team makes me look so good. They do a lot of the heavy lifting, the hard work. They let me do fun things like come and do podcasts and go out and speak to chambers of commerce, and things like that. They are really the ones doing the heavy lifting. - Scott Tindle

On January 25th we're hosting something in Mobile called the Senior Bowl Leadership Summit and the whole idea of this summit is that we can bring world-class team builders to the gulf coast. And so, we are not trying to build a sports event; this is a team building and leadership event. - Scott Tindle

Our (Senior Bowl Leadership Summit) slogan is building teams on the field, in the classroom, in the office, and just really trying to find ways that we can leverage the giant brain power of the folks on the panel so that we can get practical takeaways for what we're doing in our daily lives. - Scott Tindle



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